My Experience Running a Kite-Making Activity with the Linking Network

My Experience Running a Kite-Making Activity with the Linking Network

About the project

As someone who is passionate about promoting creativity and learning through the arts, I recently had the opportunity to work with the Linking Network on a kite-making activity. Alongside volunteer Lorna, we showed local teaching staff how to create confetti tissue paper kites that they could take back to their schools and teach their pupils.

The Linking Network is an incredible initiative that works with children and young people to build relationships with people they might not meet otherwise, including those of different ages, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds. Their work includes School Linking and Intergenerational Linking, providing opportunities for connection and understanding across communities.

As a facilitator for the kite-making activity, I was excited to see the enthusiasm and creativity from the teaching staff as they learned how to create the confetti tissue paper kites. We talked about how this activity could be used to encourage teamwork, creativity, and learning about different cultures and traditions.

It was a joy to work with Lorna and the Linking Network on this project, knowing that the kites we created would be used to foster connections and understanding between young people and their communities. By providing a fun and engaging activity that also promotes diversity and inclusion, we can create a positive impact on the next generation.