Workshop Facilitation: Wild Escape Animation With KS2 Children

Workshop Facilitation: Wild Escape Animation With KS2 Children

About the project

During my time at Touchstones Art Gallery, I had the opportunity to collaborate on an engaging project called the Great Escape by Artfund. Partnering with the talented Visual Artist & Animator Vincent St James, we embarked on a creative journey to bring wildlife back to its natural habitat through a series of animations.



Vincent's expertise in animation proved invaluable as he guided the children and me through the intricate process of crafting stop-motion animations. Together, we focused on four artworks from our collection, inspiring the children to brainstorm and generate ideas for the animals' journey back to the wild.

Vincent set up two animation stations with cameras above the tables and lamps to maintain consistent lighting. Working in small groups, the children crafted characters, backgrounds, and objects using paper, cards, and various craft supplies. Witnessing their collaborative efforts and the emergence of unique narratives in each animation was remarkable.


Earth Day Showcase

Following the workshops, Vincent skillfully compiled the individual animations into a cohesive video accompanied by nature sounds, further enhancing the immersive experience. These captivating animations were then proudly showcased at the Earth Day Event.

Thanks to Vincent's patient mentorship, this collaboration gave me invaluable insights into stop-motion animation. Together, we fostered a creative environment where children from a local primary school could unleash their imagination, respond to the theme of our collections, spring to life, and return to their natural habitat.