Project Management Success: Ukrainian Summer School


About the project

Hello Summer, a week-long summer school program funded by Rochdale Council, provided a free educational experience for Ukrainian and asylum-seeking children residing in Rochdale under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

  • Participants: The program welcomed a total of 20 children and young people, comprising 12 Ukrainian children and 8 asylum-seeking children from various backgrounds, including Albanian, Black African, and Kurdish.

  • Age Range: Children attending Hello Summer ranged from 4 to 17 years old, with 12 primary-aged children and 8 secondary-aged children.

  • Parental Feedback: Parents expressed appreciation for the program’s impact on their children:

    • One parent of a Ukrainian young person attending the secondary program mentioned, “Thanks to the summer school, NAME practiced English a little. He liked everything very much because it was fun and interesting.”
    • Another parent of an asylum-seeking child attending the primary program shared, “Already his English is so much better. He cries when he has to go home. He is learning so much.”
    • A parent of a Ukrainian child attending the primary program remarked, “You are doing such amazing things with this summer school. She will be ready to start school in September.”